Canada Travel Requirements for CSC2023

Visitors to Canada who are participating in the 2023 Commonwealth Study Conference will require either (1) a Temporary Resident Visa (‘TRV’) or (2) an Electronic Travel Authorization (‘eTA’) to enter Canada.

Check the list of Commonwealth countries below to know which travel document you will require.

This is not a difficult process but the processing times and fees can vary by country.  You should apply for your Visa or eTA as soon as possible.

As of October 1, 2022, travellers are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination, or negative pre-entry test results for COVID 19.

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) – What you will Need

  • A letter confirming your invitation to CSC2023 (this will be emailed to you by CSC2023 – let us know if it has not been received before the end of November).
  • A valid passport that does not expire for at least 6 months following entry into Canada next June.
  • Country-specific documents (further details can be found here)
  • Passport sized photographs.

You can find an instruction guide for Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) applications to Canada here; and a general document checklist for TRVs here.

The application for a TRV can be completed here.

VERY IMPORTANT:  A special events code has been emailed to all Conference members. This 6-character alpha-numeric code must be used in your visa application for expedited processing.  If you have not received this special events code get in touch with the Conference at

Applicants must answer “For business reasons, like a meeting, conference event, or training” to the “Why you need a Visa” question. Subsequently, in the “Special event Information” section, you will be be asked if you have a special event code. Answering ‘Yes’ will allow you to enter the code in the open text field.

Note: Depending on your nationality, some countries may require ‘transit visas’ for changing flights at airports. We urge everyone to look into potential transit visa requirements when making their travel arrangements. Some popular airports for connecting flights & their transit visa requirements:

Note: Processing times and fees vary by country, so we encourage all successful applicants to apply for their required documents as soon as possible.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) – What you will need:

  • A valid passport
  • A valid email address
  • $7 CAD processing fee (to be paid using a credit card)

The application for the eTA can be completed here. The eTA is only valid for the passport number used in the application, so if a new passport is obtained, a new eTA is required. The eTA will be valid for up to 5 years or to the expiry of the passport used to obtain it.

Note: Most eTA applications are approved within minutes, but if the Government requires any further documents, you will receive an email with instructions within 72 hours of the application.
Country Visa / eTA
Antigua and Barbuda Visa
Australia eTA
Bahamas eTA
Bangladesh Visa
Barbados eTA
Belize Visa
Bermuda eTA
Botswana Visa
Brunei Darussalam eTA
Cameroon Visa
Canada N/A
Cyprus eTA
Dominica Visa
eSwatini Visa
Fiji Visa
Gambia Visa
Ghana Visa
Grenada Visa
Guyana Visa
India Visa
Jamaica Visa
Kenya Visa
Kiribati Visa
Lesotho Visa
Malawi Visa
Malaysia Visa
Maldives Visa
Malta eTA
Mauritius Visa
Mozambique Visa
Namibia Visa
Nauru Visa
New Zealand eTA
Nigeria Visa
Pakistan Visa
Papua New Guinea eTA
Rwanda Visa
Saint Lucia Visa
Samoa eTA
Seychelles Visa
Sierra Leone Visa
Singapore eTA
Solomon Islands eTA
South Africa Visa
Sri Lanka Visa
St Kitts and Nevis Visa
St Vincent and the Grenadines Visa
Tanzania Visa
Tonga Visa
Trinidad and Tobago Visa
Tuvalu Visa
Uganda Visa
United Kingdom eTA
Vanuatu Visa
Zambia Visa