Opening Plenary

Conference members will begin their exploration of the issues and challenges of leadership in today’s global economy hearing from visionary speakers and globally recognized leaders. And they will begin the process of building relationships with their peers from around the Commonwealth – hearing and discussing each other’s views from a truly global range of perspectives.

Study Tours

Smaller groups of up to 20 members will form Study Groups that will travel to different regions of Canada to examine the Conference theme first-hand following the opening plenary. Membership of each Study Group is a microcosm of the overall Conference membership. Together they visit a wide range of communities, companies, organizations and leaders to discuss their challenges, advances and impacts first-hand.

As each group works together, individual members will come to examine their own beliefs, preconceptions and values. The multi-national and multi-sectoral membership of each Study Group compels all members to widen their perspective beyond anything they have experienced before.

Closing Plenary and Reports

After eight immersive days of travel, site visits, dialogue and debate, the Study Groups return for the Closing Plenary where they prepare group reports on what they have learned about leadership, the Conference and themselves to present to Princess Anne and the Conference Chair in a session with the full Conference membership. The President and Chair will give members their post-Conference challenge before the return home.

“The structure of the conferences has remained constant simply because it has been shown to work. The principal of learning by observing and discussion was established from the inception and every opportunity is provided for opinions and assessments to be debated forcefully, but objectively.”


“Experience has shown these conferences are a force for good within the Commonwealth and within each country of the Commonwealth. The time, resources and effort required to re-constitute and sustain the CSC Conferences are a critical contribution to a Connected Commonwealth and a tribute to my father. You can count on my continued support and engagement.”

HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, CONFERENCE PRESIDENT
“I have never attended a leadership conference like this one. It was priceless to witness such hands-on development through intense onsite engagement with managers, executives and employees. I appreciated every minute – even the sleepless nights and exhausting days – and will remember it forever.”
Claudia D’Orazio, Vice President, Pembina Pipeline Corp

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