Leadership for Life

The Mission of the 2023 Conference is to help build leadership capacity across the Commonwealth by providing high potential emerging leaders in business, government, trade unions, and other sectors with a cross-cultural development experience that will broaden their perspective on the role of leaders, enhance their understanding of the value of diverse views, while experiencing unique insights into world issues and developing a global network of peers.

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“Leadership in the Making”

“It’s time for the new Commonwealth Study Conference in 2023. Let the new generation meet eye to eye and heart to heart. Expose them to the fault-lines in global development, encourage them to engage with one another to consider new solutions for people and planet. Build an understanding that they have a responsibility to build peace through dialogue and a new social contract. My 1980 experience has never left me. It’s time to give this new Commonwealth generation its chance to change their lives and ours for the better.”

Philip Jennings, General Secretary (retired), UNI Global Union

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