More than 60 years ago, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh founded a remarkable program designed to challenge and inspire promising emerging leaders drawn from business, government and organized labour: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference.

I am honoured to have been invited by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Princess Anne, President of the Commonwealth Study Conference, to Chair the eleventh Conference, to be held across Canada in May 2022. 

With its emphasis on experiential learning, critical thinking, diversity, and the importance of public leadership, the Commonwealth Study Conference is designed to make a deep impact on participants at crucial periods in their own development as leaders – permanently changing the way they solve problems, contribute to the social progress of their country, and lead within their own organizations.

The greatest leaders are never bystanders and the program for CSC XI will reflect the accelerating challenges and opportunities of our times. 300 global participants, drawn from countries across the Commonwealth with demonstrated high potential for future leadership opportunity, will meet and engage with Canadians of all walks of life, from across our country, to discuss the most important issues we’re facing today: creating inclusive local economic opportunities, inspiring innovation in our companies and societies, sustainably growing our economy, and fostering leadership in the service of all stakeholders.

Over two weeks together, CSC XI participants will travel across Canada in small study groups to learn first-hand how organizations, both large and small, are growing and evolving to secure their future. Participants will work within their study groups to think deeply about the skills and knowledge needed to lead in their own organizations through periods of rapid technological, social and political change. 

Each group will present their conference report to a final evaluation panel including the President. Describing their experience, they will be asked to provide a road map for success for themselves, their organizations and communities.

I look forward to participants from across the Commonwealth experiencing the best of Canada: our innovative, progressive and inclusive culture. They will take away with them a profound understanding of the geographic and cultural diversity of Canada, and be prepared to apply what they’ve learned from global peers about leadership in their home countries.   

“Leadership is a privilege and a noble calling,” Canadian business leader Sergio Marchionne told an earlier Study Conference. And leadership is fueled by perspective and spirit that the CSC is designed to inspire. So, please join us as the Commonwealth’s emerging leaders prepare themselves today to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

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