How to Apply

Applications for CSC2023 are being received from March 14 to October 10, 2022. Applications are submitted online and will include requests for the following information, to be submitted confidentially.

  • The organization where you work and your sector (business, government, trade union, NGO, health, education, arts and culture, and others).
  • Your current work and leadership responsibilities.
  • A summary of previous work and community experience, demonstrating a progression in leadership responsibility.
  • Why you want to be part of the CSC2023 leadership development experience.
  • Your thoughts on the CSC2023 theme, “Engaged leadership for inclusive change.”

The Conference does not set age limits for membership. However, it is expected that all members will have at least several years of work experience and can show they are rising into leadership positions where the quality of their decision-making will impact growing numbers of people.

A second online form will be available for you to send to a person in a leadership position or a person who has been able to observe your personal growth. This individual could be a manager, an employer, a community leader, a faith leader—someone who can attest to your current responsibilities and your potential to grow as leader. This testimonial is not a mandatory component of your application, but it is strongly recommended.

Once the application process closes on October 10, 2022, it is expected that most applicants will be interviewed on-line. All applicants will be informed of the final Conference selection by December 2022, after which the selected members will need to make their own visa and travel arrangements (Conference advisory support is available).  The Conference opens in Canada on June 3, 2023.

The final Conference membership will be highly diverse and drawn from across the Commonwealth. The membership will be gender balanced.

The Conference is a non-profit that relies on the commitment of its alumni to “give back” in support of the generation of young leaders that will follow them. In your application, you will be asked if you are willing to participate in your home country as a future alumna or alumnus of the CSC to help future generations have the same rich developmental experience you will receive at CSC2023.