The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conference

In May 2022, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Leadership Conference will bring together 300 of the world’s most promising emerging leaders from business, government, labour, and the community sector.

The Conference members come from different Commonwealth countries, different perspectives and different careers. All members share one thing in common: they are high-potential individuals expected to achieve senior leadership positions within ten years.

Over two weeks, the Conference will expose each member to new experiences, new arguments and different perspectives, so that the quality and relevance of their decisions as leaders is improved.

Alumni of the Commonwealth Study Conferences and its sister conferences can be found in every corner of the globe. Over 5,000 individuals in more than 50 countries have participated in the leadership programs that started with the first CSC in 1956.

For emerging leaders, CSC2022 in Canada is the learning, networking and personal development experience of a lifetime and takes place in the centenary year of the birth of the Conference founder, the Duke of Edinburgh.

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Message from the






“Experience has shown these conferences are a force for good within the Commonwealth and within each country of the Commonwealth. The time, resources and effort required to re-constitute and sustain the CSC Conferences are a critical contribution to a Connected Commonwealth and a tribute to my father. You can count on my continued support and engagement.”

HRH The Princess Royal, Princess Anne

Conference President

“I have never attended a leadership conference like this one. It was priceless to witness such hands-on development through intense onsite engagement with managers, executives and employees. I appreciated every minute – even the sleepless nights and exhausting days – and will remember it forever.”

Claudia D’Orazio,

Vice President, Pembina Pipeline Corporation, ELD 2011