Experience CSC 2023 in Canada

For two weeks in June 2023, the 300 members of the 11th Commonwealth Study Conference will have Canada—the world’s second largest country—as a classroom for experiential learning on engaged leadership.

Opening Plenary: June 3-5

Conference delegates will arrive in Calgary, Alberta on June 2, 2023 and travel to the mountain town of Banff, situated in the Banff National Park UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Opening Plenary events will take place over three days at the world-class Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.  Starting on June 3, the members will hear from a range of high-profile international leaders in a setting that stimulates open and frank discussion and debate. They will begin exploring the Conference theme of Engaged Leadership for Inclusive Change. Members will be assigned to a “study group” of 20 members each, with each group a microcosm of the CSC2023 diversity.


Study Tours: June 6-15

Each Study Group will travel to a different region of Canada – touching all of its 13 provinces and territories. At this time of year Canada’s climate is temperate across the country. Study Tours will last nine days and will be fast-paced. Each day, the Study Groups will engage with a wide range of groups, individuals and situations that will stimulate their learning experience. The internal dynamic and diversity of each Study Group is central to the learning experience.

Closing Plenary: June 16-18

The Study Groups will gather again in Montréal on the evening of June 15, where each group will prepare their reports to the Conference President and Chair. Each report will distill what has been learned and experienced over the previous 12 days by the group as a whole. During their time in Montréal, the 300 members also will experience the culture and history of one of North America’s oldest, most diverse and most cosmopolitan cities. A gala closing dinner will precede their return home.